The History Of Praying Mantis System

The Seven Star Praying Mantis System-Martial Arts which has been created by Wang Lang in Shangtung Province of China around 360 years ago. Wang was learning Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple and this temple was burnt by the soldiers of Ching Dynasty, and Wang returned back to his Province. One day in summer, when he was sitting in the garden and he found that a cicada is Fighting with a Mantis so strongly, and the Cicada was helplessly overwhelmed by the Mantis.

Wang caught the Mantis to home and used the reed stalk to brush at the Mantis from different direction, and observed quietly and found that the brave and speedy force of the Mantis. Wang, who had Martial Arts training, believed that such wonderful grabbing and kicking movements could be merged with his current Martial Arts experience to create a new kind fighting style. This new fighting style would use the Mantis skill for the upper part and the monkey jumping steps for the lower part, and most movements would use punching and kicking together.

Learn the famous hand and weapons forms and also the two mean set fighting forms following:

Hand Forms:

  • Secret Force
  • Stomping Steps
  • Lightning Attack
  • White Monkey Steals Peaches
  • Plum Flower Hands
  • Black Tiger Steps Out From the Cave
  • Plum Flower Fist
  • Punching and Kicking
  • Drunk Praying Mantis
  • Four Directions Fighting
  • Praying Mantis Steps Out From the Cave
  • Seven sets of Important Fundamentals
  • Flying Goose Palms
  • Tranquil Mind
  • Small Form
  • Big Form
  • Drunk Praying Mantis Steals Peaches
  • Praying Mantis Steals Peaches
  • Two Men Set Of Stomping Steps
  • Two Men Set Of Peaches' Umbrella
  • Double Punching
  • Chopping and Back Fist
  • Intercept
  • The Big Wheels
  • The Small Wheels
  • The Young's Tai Chi (Old System)


  • The Fifth Yong's Brother's Staff
  • The Five Elements Single Broad Sword
  • Short Staff
  • 1st set and 2nd set of Plum Flower Spear
  • Yin Ching Single Broad Sword
  • The Phoenix Double Edged Sword0
  • The Five Elements Double Broad Sword
  • Cloud Dragon Staff
  • Drunk Double Edged Sword
  • Iron Fan
  • Trident
  • Tiger Tail Three Sections Staff
  • Single Broad Sword Fighting with Spear
  • Double Edged Sword Fighting with Double Edged Sword
  • The 14" Short Weapon
  • Double Short Stick
  • 2nd Set Of The Young's Brother's Staff
  • The Big Broad Sword
  • Butterfly Single Broad Sword
  • Butterfly Double Broad Sword
  • 2nd Set Of Plum Flower Spear
  • Single Axe
  • Double Axe
  • The Seven Star Double Edged Sword
  • Two Men Set Of Single Broad Sword Fighting With Spear
  • Tiger Head Double Hook

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